In-Home Pet Hospice Care

As in human hospice, pet hospice describes a philosophy of care with emphasis on improving the quality of life for companion animals suffering with life-limiting illness and their families.  It focuses on comfort and caring, not curing and respects your wishes throughout the process.

Hospice Care is holistic.  Its focus is to meet the needs of the pet and the family.  We teach you and your family how to give your pet the care options that you choose.  Options might include pain management, nutrition and hydration support, mobility and hygiene assistance, alleviating environmental and mental stressors and providing mental and environmental stimulation.  The philosophy of hospice recognizes that death is a part of life.  It aims to relieve suffering and provide comfort, giving you more time with your pet before saying good-bye when death occurs naturally or you choose to assist the process with euthanasia.

The scope of our in-home hospice service includes:

  • an initial consultation after a review of your pet’s medical record
  • an in-home visit where your environment and your pet’s needs will be evaluated
  • a thorough discussion of your wishes and expectations
  • serving pets (dogs and cats) in the Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin areas

A comprehensive care plan, individualized for your pet, will be developed and discussed with you, recognizing your questions and concerns.  Once you have decided on a plan, we can help supply medications and equipment, train you to administer medications, and refer you to veterinary practitioners and grief counselors.  We will support you throughout this transition, providing phone or in-home support when you need it.

Hospice may not be a viable option for every family or pet.  We hope to provide you information to help you make the best decision.  We will not judge you or your decision, understanding that each situation is unique and that there is no single right answer.   If hospice is not an option, Homeward Bound also provides euthanasia services in the comfort of your home or place of your choosing.