Our pet hospice and at home pet euthanasia services help pets whom are experiencing a life-limiting condition approach the dying process comfortably, with grace, dignity and surrounded by loved ones. In accordance with the family’s wishes, we provide the following options for the care of animals where medical treatments have been exhausted or can provide little to no further benefit. Choose one of the following options to learn more.

In-Home Pet Hospice Care

Hospice strives to improve the quality of life for companion animals suffering with life-limiting illness, and their families.  It focuses on comfort and caring, not curing and respects your wishes throughout the process.

In Home Pet Euthanasia in Madison Wisconsin

In-Home Pet Euthanasia

We are fortunate that the veterinary profession allows us to end pain and suffering of our animal companions with humane euthanasia.  Should you choose this option, we can ensure your pet will be comfortable and able to spend the last moments with loved ones.